[CC1 Best Prepared Speaker] I’m Nemo

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You all know my name is Nemo. Do you know why I chose this name? I will tell you the story about it. I used to make the resolution to study English every year, but I failed at the end of these years. Three months ago, somebody told me that the most simple and effective way to study English is to join a toastmaster club . I really wanted to study English well, so I determined to visit some c......

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  通过参加三次会议、一次即兴、一次申请以及一次入会,又由于春节放假的原因,前前后后消耗了2个月,终于在2月份的尾巴上成为了SHIP Toastmaster会员。3月5日是第一次以会员的身份参加会议,原想先好好学习学习,却被要求做哼哈官。自己是第一次做会服,对哼哈官的也不是特别了解,会议之前内心也是忐忑不安的,会议中的表现感觉完成的也不是很好,但是最后却获得了此次会议的最佳会服,很令人意外。所以,感觉也很......

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